Special Educational Needs

Children have special educational/disability needs if they have a learning, communication, emotional or behavioural difficulty, that requires additional provision to be made for them.

At The Barn Nursery and Pre-school, we value each child as an individual and are committed to helping all children fulfill their potential. We recognise that sometimes children face barriers to their learning and strive to provide those children with additional support. We ensure that all children are treated fairly and encouraged to take as full a part in the nursery as they can.

We plan our curriculum carefully, following the interests and needs of individual children, which allows us to develop and extend our children’s learning. As they succeed, their sense of achievement and self-esteem increases.

We have a Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who is the initial contact for parents or staff who may have concerns about a child. She is also able to advise who to contact externally, if parents feel they need extra support.

We are a welcoming, inclusive nursery and we work co-operatively with parents to ensure the best outcomes for all the children in our care.

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For more information:

Richmond SEND Local Offer: www.richmond.gov.uk/send »

My daughter Megan loves every minute of being at The Barn. I have seen her thrive there under the love and care of the teachers. Each day she comes home with stories of the different activities she's had the opportunity to partake in. I love The Barn's unique charity status because it means that after costs all the money is ploughed back into the nursery for the benefit of the children. It really shows how the focus is on the children and their learning experience. A truly magical place.